Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Medical School:

Harvard Medical School
M.D., 1971

Medical Licenses

28 Mar, 1974
17 Oct, 1977 to 12 Dec 1980
New York
13 Apr 1779
National Board of Medical Examiners
1 Jul 1972


Boston City Hospital, Straight Surgical (1971-72)


Boston City Hospital,
Harvard (Fifth) Surgical Service (1972-73)
New England Deaconess Hospital
Harvard Surgical Service (1973-77)
New York University Medical Center,
Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (1979-81)

Special Training:

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen Scotland
1974-75 - 6 months plastic surgery, 3 months thoracic surgery

Board Certification:

Certified, American Board of Surgery (7 March, 1978 to March, 1989)
Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery (2 December, 1983)

Military Service:

Major, United States Air Force, M.C.
Ehrling Bergquist USAF Regional Hospital
Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska 68113
Chief, General Surgery Service (1977-79)
Chief, Surgical Services [General Surgery, Ortho, ENT, Ophth, Urol, Gyn, Oral Surg] (1978-79)

Society Memberships:

Fellow, American College of Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
New York County Medical Society
Medical Society of the State of New York
Member, The Hospital Graduates' Club,
Secretary (1992-00)

Faculty Appointments:

Teaching Fellow in Anatomy, Harvard U. (1974)
Tutor in Surgery, U. of Aberdeen [Scotland] (1974)
Instructor in Anatomy, Harvard U. (1976)
Clinical Fellow in Surgery, Harvard U. (1976)
Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Creighton U. (1977)
Clinical Instructor (Plastic Surgery), NYU (1979)
Instructor in Surgery (Plastic), Columbia P&S (1981)
Assistant Clinical Professor, Columbia P&S (2010-13)

Hospital Staff Appointments:

Staff, Ehrling Bergquist USAF Regional Hospital (1977-79)
Associate Staff, St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska (1978)
Senior Attending Surgeon, The Roosevelt Hospital, New York (1981-2014)
Attending Surgeon Emeritus, The Roosevelt Hospital, New York (2014-)
Attending Surgeon, Cabrini Medical Center, New York (1981-83)
Attending Surgeon, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York(1985-90)
Attending Surgeon, The Fifth Avenue Surgical Center, New York (1991-98)
Courtesy Attending, Albany Memorial Hospital (2012-)


New York County Medical Society:
Workers' Compensation Committee (1983-96); chairman (1992-96)
St.Luke's\Roosevelt Hospital:
Credentials Committee (1990-93, 1998-2013)
Ambulatory Surgery Committee (1988-90)
Infection Control Committee (1988-89)
Board of Directors, Medical Liability Mutual Ins. Co. (1992-):
Committee to Study the Relativities of Specialties and Territories (1997-)
Nominating Committee (1997)
Audit Committee (2004-2009)
Claims Committee (2009-)
Physician Underwriting Committee (2010-)
Westside Medical Partners (1995-):
Utilization Review Committee (1996-97)
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JointCommission):
member, Ambulatory Surgical Advisory Council (2005-2009)

Teaching Experience:

A short course in FORTRAN Programming
(during college, at college)
General Biology I, Summer
(during medical school, at college)
Gross Anatomy for first year medical students, lectures and laboratory
(for 6 years during residency, at medical school)
Clinical Clerkship in Surgery
(during residency)
Daily supervision of Creighton U. Surgical Residents
(during military service, at Ehrling Bergquist Hosp.)
Daily supervision of surgical residents, NYU Medical School
(during plastic surgery training)
Daily supervision of surgical residents
(at Roosevelt Hospital, as attending plastic surgeon)
Gross Anatomy for first year medical students, lab only
(Columbia P&S)
Gross Anatomy for first year medical students, "The Upper Extremity", lecture and laboratories
(Harvard Medical School)
Continuing Education Seminars "Cosmetic Surgery"
(The Learning Annex)
Emergency Department Orientation Lectures for third-year medical students "Wound Management"
(monthly, at Roosevelt Hospital; 1981-1995)

Book Chapter:

"Surgical Treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis", in eMedicine: Plastic Surgery, an on-line medical reference, Boston Medical Publishing Corp. 2001


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Albano, Jewell, Karpinski, Lynch, Mailliard, McKenna
Panel Discussion on Breast Cancer
Albano, Jewell, Karpinski, Lynch, Mailliard
Panel Discussion on Melanoma
—both in Symposium: Controversial Problems in Surgery, Creighton University School of Medicine, 1978
"Facial Embryology", First Annual Postgraduate Course in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, New York University Medical Center, 10 March, 1980
"Flap Operations for Medical Patients", Medical Grand Rounds, The Roosevelt Hospital, 1981
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"Soft Tissue Coverage of the Injured Hand", Hand Service Conference, Roosevelt Hospital Hand Service, 27 August, 1985
Cody, Linder, Karpinski
"Breast Reconstruction", Panel, Surgical Grand Rounds, The Roosevelt Hospital, 1986
"Surgical Treatment of Decubitus Ulcers", Medical Housestaff Conference, The Roosevelt Hospital, September, 1986
"New Ideas in Breast Reconstruction", Surgical Grand Rounds, The Roosevelt Hospital, 1988
"Drains, Sutures, Wound-Closure Principles", Surgical Grand Rounds, The Roosevelt Hospital, 1988
"Breast Reconstruction", Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds, St. Luke's Hospital, 16 Oct., 1990
"Breast Reconstruction", Cancers in Women: An Interdisciplinary Approach, St.Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, American Cancer Society; New York, December 16, 1988
"An approach to treating wounds", Surgery Housestaff Core Curriculum Module, St.Luke's Hospital, 5 Dec, 1990
"Axillary Hyperhidrosis: Treatment by Excision or by Suction Adenectomy", Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting, Lake George, NY, September, 1990
"How to Make a Skin Graft Fail", Surgery Housestaff Core Curriculum Module, Roosevelt Hospital, July 26, 2000
"How to Make a Skin Graft Fail", Surgery Housestaff Core Curriculum Module, Roosevelt Hospital, January 15, 2003
"Fat Grafting: Techniques and Results", Staff Meeting, Upper Hudson Valley Dermatology, October 14, 2013

Medical Interests:

Cosmetic Blepharoplasty; Otoplasty; Reconstruction after Melanoma and other skin cancer resections; Axillary Hyperhidrosis Surgery; Fat Grafting in Reconstruction; Liposuction; Surgical treatment of Scars; Surgical Anatomy; Teaching